Setting default applications in Ubuntu

18th August 2023 at 9:24pm

This post covers how to set default applications in Ubuntu from the command line using the mimeopen script.

Example : Open .fits files always on ds9

ds9 is a program (stored in /home/bin/ds9) that allows astronomers to explore data (.fits files) taken at the telescope. Here's what I did to set that as the default application for opening any .fits file:

ubuntu@ubuntu:~/$ mimeopen -d 22_23.fits
Please choose a default application for files of type image/fits

	1) home  (home-usercreated-1)
	2) Siril  (
	3) Munipack  (xmunipack)
	4) Atom  (atom)
	5) Other...

use application #5
use command: /home/bin/ds9
Opening "22_23.fits"   (image/fits)