Coding projects

arxiv-shorts (2023)
arxiv-shorts is a Firefox extension that I created to enhance arXiv reading experience using AI. This extension adds three key components to each astronomy arXiv article: An AI generated summary of the abstract; A list of concepts needed to understand the abstract, including a brief explanation of their importance and how they are used in the abstract; A list of other similar papers to read. This extension has been active since March 2023 and as of August 2023, it hosts $>2500$ summaries and is updated weekly. I am responsible for creating and maintaining the extension, building and updating the machine learning inference pipeline used in the extension, and also maintaining the code on the server side.
ISMgas (2023)
ISMgas is a python module used to analyze absorption line kinematics of Interstellar Medium gas. The module takes a 1D spectra as an input and extracts key kinematic diagnostics (such as velocity centroid of absorption) by fitting the absorption profile with multiple gaussian profiles. This module was used in Vasan G.C., et al (2022) and Vasan G.C., et al (2023)
WebResearcherJS (2022)
One of the challenges of using the internet as a means to learn is that we often are unable to retain the information that we just read. But we wouldn’t have this problem if there was a way to proactively engage with the content. WebResearcherJS is a Firefox extension that tries to address this issue by allowing users to take notes on webpages and additionally, enabling them to export the notes to TiddlyWiki5 and Joplin for further parsing
Lick Observatory Nickel Telescope Data Reduction Notebook (2021)
I developed a jupyter-notebook version of the Shane Telescope Data Reduction pipeline under the guidance of Elinor Gates at the Lick Observatory. This notebook is currently being used as an educational tool to demonstrate data reduction to astronomy graduate students as part of the annual UCO/Lick Observatory Astronomy workshop