Please find here a current list of my publications on ADS.


1 The AGEL Survey: Spectroscopic Confirmation of Strong Gravitational Lenses in the DES and DECaLS Fields Selected Using Convolutional Neural Networks, 2022AJ….164..148T,
Tran, K.-V. H., Harshan, A., Glazebrook, K., Keerthi Vasan, G. C., Jones, T., Jacobs, C., Kacprzak, G. G., Barone, T. M., Collett, T. E., Gupta, A., Henderson, A., Kewley, L. J., Lopez, S., Nanayakkara, T., Sanders, R. L., & Sweet, S. M. (2022), The Astronomical Journal, 164, 148.

2 Optimizing machine learning methods to discover strong gravitational lenses in the Deep Lens Survey, 2022arXiv221100047K,
Keerthi Vasan G., C., Sheng, S., Jones, T., Choi, C. P., & Sharpnack, J. (2022), arXiv e-prints, arXiv:2211.00047.

3 An Unsupervised Hunt for Gravitational Lenses, 2022arXiv221011681S,
Sheng, S., C, K. V. G., Choi, C. P., Sharpnack, J., & Jones, T. (2022), arXiv e-prints, arXiv:2210.11681.

4 Resolved velocity profiles of galactic winds at Cosmic Noon, 2022arXiv220905508K,
Keerthi Vasan G., C., Jones, T., Sanders, R. L., Ellis, R. S., Stark, D. P., Kacprzak, G., Barone, T. M., Tran, K.-V. H., Glazebrook, K., & Jacobs, C. (2022), arXiv e-prints, arXiv:2209.05508.

5 Kinematics of the Circumgalactic Medium of a z = 0.77 Galaxy from Mg II Tomography, 2021ApJ…914…92M,
Mortensen, K., Keerthi Vasan, G. C., Jones, T., Faucher-Giguère, C.-A., Sanders, R. L., Ellis, R. S., Leethochawalit, N., & Stark, D. P. (2021), The Astrophysical Journal, 914, 92.