Coding and hardware projects that I have worked on in the past.

arxiv-shorts (2023)

arxiv-shorts is a firefox extension which displays AI generated summaries of astro-ph.GA abstracts on arXiv.

WebResearcherJS (2022)


Develop a tool to proactively engage with content on the internet.


WebResearcherJS is a Firefox extension written in JavaScript which allows users to take notes on webpages.


Link to GitHub page:

Team members: Suresh B

Lick Observatory Nickel Telescope Data Reduction Notebook (2019)

This is a Jupyter-notebook that runs the Data Reduction pipeline for the Shane Telescope that was developed with the help of Elinor Gates at the Lick Observatory. For the latest version of the notebook please contact Elinor Gates.

Below are a few images that were produced after running the jupyter Notebook and making color images from the resulting fits files:

[Row-1] Pillars of Creation, Omega Nebula [Row-2] Crab Nebula, M15, M42 [Row-3] Cat eye Nebula, Snowball Nebula, Saturn

3.5mm-Sensor2Phone (2015-2017)


Explore the potential of the 3.5mm headphone jack as a Data Acquisition module (DAQ). Inspired by the Drawdio and MakeyMakey projects by Jay Silver at MIT media lab.


In this project, we used the 3.5mm headphone jack (TRRS) available on most phones along with a 555 timer in astable mode as a Data Acquisition module (DAQ) to acquire signals from commonly used sensors (e.g., HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor) and record the data back onto the device.


Hackaday articles discussing this project:

Team members: Suresh B

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